Keep your website secured, updated and relevant with ease


Just like a tool, your website needs regular maintenance to ensure it is functioning as it should and also avoid attacks from hackers. Back-up, new products, updates and monitoring are just important in your business

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Security is primarily the main reason why you should always update your website. Website maintenance works in a way just like your car maintenance where you ensure all components are working as it should be.

Here we check your website’s vulnerabilities, outdated plugins, wordpress version and keep up with the current trends in SEO, social media and so on. This not only secures your website but keeps your brand relevant with your target audience.

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You need someone willing to understand your business
Ready to commit and deliver results you deserve


Regular updates like product news, new products or services, blogs and keeping up with the current events are essential not only for SEO or Search Engine Optimization but also for keeping your audience and regular customers. 

They love to follow what’s happening with your brand, whether you have an advocacy, social outreach, new product or simply a new blog, it gives a whole new level of marketing. In a fast paced world, keeping relevant is key to stay in business today and for the seasons to come. 

website maintenance for your business


Our focus is to ensure you get your return of investment by providing
your business best case scenarios with your ideal customers

We Align with your Goals

Let’s jump in a call and get to know about your business, industry and ideal customers. We will discuss where your business is at, your sales process, marketing strategies and most importantly your Goals. 

Our mission is to help you get to point B with our expertise.

Create a Winning Solution

Now that we are on the same page, we will create a strategy to realize your Goals. With our expertise, experience and problem solving approach, we will design your road map to success.

Our services will be a solution oriented package to take your business to the next level.

Efficient Implementation

A Systematic motion of the plan is key to achieve results. We already have the blueprint, it’s time to take it to action.

Also, communication is important, we let you follow along how things are going and a summary report will be given to you and let the numbers speak for itself.


Depending on your current situation, Goals and Budget, we have options for you.

Ala Carte Update

This is great for a way to get started with your website maintenance, where you don’t have a lot of products or services.

Package Inclusions:

  • Check for outdated plugins, WordPress version, theme versions, outdated html codes and processes.
  • Checking for vulnerabilities and security issues.
  • Website audit to improve website structure
  • Implementation


One time payment for a 5 pager website

Regular Maintenance Retainer

Ease your mind with us taking initiative in seeking for updates every month. You can also send us new content, new functions to add and more.

Package Inclusions:

  • Consultation
  • Check for outdated plugins, WordPress version, theme versions, outdated html codes and processes.
  • Checking for vulnerabilities and security issues.
  • Website audit to improve website structure
  • Addition of new content, blogs, sections and or pages
  • 20 hours per month of maintenance allocation
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Website update suggestions
  • Monthly website performance analytics report
  • Implementation


Monthly retainer for a 5 – 9 pager website


We’ve included most of the questions frequently asked by people about our services

Absolutely, if you're not comfortable with giving login information, there are options to share your credentials (LastPass and others)

Though we didn't have any problems with our clients giving credentials as we treat these information with respect and confidentiality. 

It depends on the update, if you want to update all your 800 products, that would surely take a while, but to keep transparency, especially with the lower tier packages we keep tabs on the hours that we have worked with your update requirements. We have honed our skills with years and years of practice and experience that our process is time efficient and quick. We prioritize quality work too. We can also give you a time table summary of the work done by our team for your website maintenance campaign.

Sure! We would charge $35 per hour of work. This might work best for you or not, depending on the website maintenance you require. It is best to contact us on the form below so we can give you a quote and guide you with the best option for your needs.

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We are excited to hear from you. Let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you get to the next level