How to choose a hosting provider

Choosing a hosting provider from dozens of well reviewed ones is quite the tedious task. A lot of hosting companies offer a plethora of packages or plans, ranging from basic domain and website hosting, to plans that offer additional security features, dedicated hosting, support and integrations to other web tools or services. Prices…

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Why Website Speed Matters

Website speed is a frequent problem for most website owners. From fortune 100 companies to blog owners, having a slow website is a serious problem. It's a no brainer that having a fast website leads to a better visitor experience, but what are the specific reasons why having a fast…

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A Practical Guide To Speed Up Your WordPress Site 2022

So you're a newbie to WordPress, you just bought your first domain, and you're eager to start making pages/posts for your WordPress site. You've done your research about the right themes and what plugins to use, and you're now trying to optimize your site to be as fast as possible.…

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